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A new integration now allows Blueprint Creator users to assign approvals with Comala Document Management. This is a great way to ensure that your templated documents are properly reviewed before publishing. 

Our customers are well aware of the benefits of using Comala Document Management to add approvals to their Confluence documents. But, one of the challenges of building out a documentation repository is ensuring consistency in its content. Letting team members create pages without structure leads to a mess, and relying on copying page layouts is prone to errors. That’s why an app like Seibert Media’s Blueprint Creator has found its way into so many Confluence users’ instances. Its simple interface allows teams to create new pages and spaces in Confluence with pre-defined page structures and content quickly. Users simply need to fill in form fields during page creation, so the app is easy to use for even non-technical users.

The integration with Comala Document Management is a perfect companion to Blueprint Creator’s core functionality. Now, as team members create pages from pre-made templates, they also assign reviewers via a Document Management approval workflow. Blueprint Creator ensures the page starts correctly, and Comala Document Management validates the page’s content before publishing. An end-to-end process for building great Confluence documentation – integrations don’t get better than that.

The two apps are both available for Confluence server and data center, and you can try them for free on the Atlassian Marketplace.