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Learning Outcome

This is an intermediate-level introduction to Comalatech Workflows. After taking this course you will understand the main features of Workflows; you’ll be able to build and edit workflows; and you’ll understand how to administrate Workflows.

Course Summary

The course will provide you with an introduction to Comalatech Workflows and will equip you with the knowledge and insight necessary to install the application and start reaping the benefits of Workflow-enabled pages straight away! You will be guided in how to get more from Comalatech Workflows, and extend how you use Confluence with the App.

Intermediate Level

Intended Audience

This course is intended for Confluence Space and Instance Administrators or anybody who wants to understand how to use and create Comalatech Workflows. You should be an advanced user of Confluence with, at a minimum, prior experience and/or a good understanding of Administrating Spaces in Confluence.

Course Length

6 Hours


No other courses are required. Good working knowledge of Confluence and its basic administrative functions is recommended

Course Delivery

The course can be delivered live online or in person at your location and is supported by a variety of resources accessible on our website.


Materials will be provided in English prior to your training.


Online training sessions cost $2500USD per course, for up to nine people. Contact us for onsite training pricing.

Delivered online or in person

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Comalatech Workflows
  • Reviewing the default Comalatech Workflows from Workflow bundles
  • Comalatech Workflow 101: How to create and build Comalatech Workflows
  • Understanding the main Comalatech Workflow features:
    • States
    • Approvals
    • Triggers
  • Getting information: Using Metadata with Comalatech Workflows
  • Who gets notified and when: managing Comalatech Workflow Notifications
  • Global or local? Understanding Comalatech Workflow Scope
  • Setting up the application: Administrative configuration
  • Using the available reports in Comalatech Workflows
  • Integrations and extensions: An overview of the advanced features of Comalatech Workflows


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