Comalatech is very excited to announce the release of Comala Approvals (for Confluence Cloud and Server), and Comala Workflows Lite for server.┬áThe two new apps join Comala Workflows, and Comala Workflows Lite (cloud) as a part Comalatech’s review and approval “family” of apps.

Thousands of users already trust Comala Workflows for their document management, and last year we rechristened our Cloud document review app “Comala Workflows Lite”. Now those apps are joined by a server version of Workflows Lite, and our simple approvals app for cloud and server, Comala Approvals. Now, no matter your company’s use case, needs, or Confluence deployment, there is a Comalatech app that can help your team work better together.

Comala Workflows Lite

Confluence makes it easy for teams to build documentation, and thanks to Comala Workflows Lite there’s an easy way to ensure those documents are managed and approved before they are published. Workflows Lite includes three configurable approval workflows that add review stages to your documents inside Confluence, and the app’s notifications ensure the whole team knows which pages need their attention. If your team has grown beyond merely creating documents to actually managing them, it’s time to consider Comala Workflows Lite.

Comala Approvals

A team functions better when its members know the status of their documents. Use Comala Approvals to add simple reviews and approvals to your Confluence pages, so your team knows which pages have been finalized, and which have not. With Comala Approvals, anyone can start taking control of their Confluence Cloud or Server documentation.

Try it Today

You can try out each app by downloading it from the Atlassian Marketplace, follow the links below to get started: