Atlassian Summit, that whirlwind of news, networking, and late nights, is behind us for another year, leaving behind some amazing memories. Picking a single highlight would be far too difficult, but a few moments do stand out.

Pre-Summit Festivities

Before Summit kicked off we took part in two events that helped us get reacquainted with our friends in the ecosystem. Our annual football match saw Comala FC take the field against players from Deiser and Think&Do. After toasting our athletic feats, it was time forĀ Tapas Night, our traditional Summit get-together over amazing food and wine. Co-hosted with our friends Deiser, K15t, andĀ //SEIBERT/MEDIA we gathered with members of the ecosystem inside La Pedrera for an evening of socializing and camaraderie.

Data Center Apps Announced

Summit kicked off with a bang when Atlassian announced their new Data Center deployment offering, including a host of new Data Center approved apps inside the Marketplace. Comalatech’s Comala Workflows and Comala Publishing were included among the first batch of these apps, the result of months of work preparing our products to meet the stringent Data Center standards. It was gratifying to see the excitement around Data Center, and we’re looking forward to seeing how the new offering benefits Atlassian users over the coming months and years.

Booth Crawl

If you were in Summit last year and stopped by our booth during the Summit Booth Crawl, you were probably first in line this year! Once again we went all out to welcome attendees during the crawl, serving up delicious Spanish wine alongside traditional authentic jamon. The crowd around our booth was packed, and attendees who stopped by certainly seemed to enjoy the experience we provided.

Roberto’s Atlas Camp Session

The week ended with our Founder & CEO Roberto Dominguez presenting a talk at Atlas Camp entitled “Think Outside the Cereal Box; Marketing Creatively to Succeed in the Marketplace”. If you got your hands on “Team Titans”, the comic book we created for Summit attendees, then you understand just how creative we are in our marketing, and Roberto used it and other examples from our past to provide some insight in our marketing strategy. Check out the full YouTube video on Atlassian’s channel:


And so we say goodbye to another Summit and to sunny Barcelona. But, we’re sure to get plenty of sun at the next Summit in Las Vegas in April 2019, and of course we wouldn’t be Comalatech if we didn’t try to out-do ourselves yet again.