Did you know that in addition to our database of demo videos and detailed user guides, we also offer live training? Our courses are designed to help teams get the most from Comala Document Management’s workflow features. Whether you’ve just purchased the app, or are an advanced user, we offer training programs tailored to your team’s experience level. Keep reading to find the answers to the most commonly asked questions, or click here to book your 2022 training session at a discounted rate*. 

What is the advantage of live training?
Depending on an individual’s learning style, some team members are happy to learn on their own while others benefit from a more engaging experience with the ability to describe a specific challenge and ask questions in real-time. In addition to personal learning style, live training can ensure that all team members are accessing the same information and understand the key features of Comala Document Management.

Who conducts the training session and how long will it take?
Our training programs are conducted by an experienced in-house customer success advocate and range from 3 to 4 hours in length depending on the level of complexity required for your team.

What can my team expect to learn?
We offer two levels of training, both with extensive learning plans.

The beginner course is recommended for new end users who have no, or limited, experience with workflow applications. It is 3 hours in length and attendees will walk away with a strong foundation of understanding including:

  • The advantages of applying workflows to your Confluence content
  • How to build workflows
  • How to utilize bundled templates

The intermediate course is approximately 4 hours in length and is intended for more experienced users and/or your team’s Confluence instance administrators. This course teaches the more advanced features with a variety of topics including:

  • How to automate reviews
  • How to develop dynamic reporting
  • Global and space administration

Will the live sessions be recorded?
We record all live sessions and provide them to our clients. This is helpful for future reference, team members unable to attend the live training session, and for new team members.

Is there a cost for live training?
Yes, there is a fee and we are currently offering a 30% discount on both courses when purchased before December 15, 2021. Pricing information can be found here 

Who can I speak to about scheduling a training session?
Our Customer Success Manager, Daryl Karen, is now scheduling training sessions for 2022 and is happy to answer all your questions and/or book an appointment. Daryl can be reached via email at Daryl@comalatech.com 

Have you attended one of our training sessions? We’d love to get your feedback, please contact Daryl to share your experience and/or provide suggestions for future course development. 

*Discounted rate valid until December 15, 2021