Confluence is great for working on documents with your team, but all that collaboration creates a trail. Over time, Confluence pages start to build up a mess of comments, in-line comments and older page versions. When your finalized content is ready to be shared, how can you easily clean up your documents? How can you keep those private conversations private, while only sharing the approved content with your audience?

Comala Publishing is an app that let’s you copy pages from a draft space to a published space. Part of that copying is the ability to automatically remove comments, in-line comments and version history whenever you publish your pages. Your audience sees only the beautiful finalized pages, while you keep the full document history in the draft space. When it’s time to update the page, you can continue working in the draft space and re-publish when you’re ready. For users who want to automate publishing as part of a more formal review process, Comala Publishing can also be combined with Comala Document Management, our app for building workflows in Confluence.

One of our customers, Tyler Technologies, uses Comala Publishing for this purpose, clearing the internal notes from their knowledge base pages, before presenting the clean version to their customers. Teams work together in their internal knowledge base space to gather the info they need, leaving comments and making updates. When the page is ready, they publish the article to the public knowledge base, where customers get the finalized version.

Comala Publishing is available for Cloud, Data Center and Server. You can try the app for free for 30 days on the Atlassian Marketplace.