We’re excited to announce that we’ve released our Workflow Builder for Comala Workflows, a visual user interface for creating your own workflows. For users who want a simple and quick way of authoring approval and review processes within Confluence, the Builder is the tool they’ve been waiting for.

It was our biggest news at Atlassian Summit last month, and the response was extremely positive – users loved the idea of using a simple interface for creating workflows. The Builder supplements our traditional mark-up editor, providing much of the same functionality in a more user-friendly manner. Teams can still choose to use the powerful mark-up editor, but the Builder is an option for those users who would rather work with a WYSIWYG-style tool.

As described in our documentation here, the Builder reproduces many of the functions used to build workflows, but instead of using mark-up language you get the convenience of a graphical interface. With the click of a mouse you can add states, edit transitions, or alter parameters. Once you’ve finished creating your workflow you can save it and use it on individual pages, all the pages in space, or across your entire instance. Need to make changes to an existing workflow? No problem, the Workflows Builder can handle that too! Just make your edits and save the workflow – it’s that simple.

Want to try out the Builder yourself? Just install the latest version of Workflows and follow the instructions in our documentation. Have fun building!