Pharmaceutical companies live and breathe innovation; without it, they can’t develop the life changing technology, medicines, and treatments that are their core products. This research and development necessitates the creation of mountains of documentation, much of which requires collaboration from team members potentially distributed across multiple locations. To facilitate this team work many companies turn to Atlassian’s Confluence, a tried and true solution for pharmaceutical document management. Confluence and life sciences are a great match, but for many companies, including giants like Bayer, Novartis, and Merck, its standard tools do not provide enough granular control over review and approval processes, and that’s why they turn to Comalatech’s Comala Workflows app.

The stakes almost couldn’t be higher than in a biomedical or pharmaceutical company. Not only are there millions of dollars at stake, but the health of their customers must always be kept as the highest priority. That’s why the document controls added by Comala Worksflows are so important; they allow pharmaceutical companies using Confluence to be able add review and approvals to their documents, ensuring pages are validated by the correct people. How does Workflows extend Confluence to provide this solution? It’s all thanks to its sophisticated workflows engine.

How Comala Workflows Adds Document Controls

The beauty of Comala Workflows lies in its flexbility. Teams can create review and approval processes that directly mirror offline procedures. Management sign-off, department reviews, team lead approvals, all of these fundamental parts of document review can be replicated exactly in Confluence, thanks to Comala Workflows. A simple dialog box provides nearly all the tools teams need to take full control of their pharmaceutical documentation.

It’s easy to add users or groups to the review process, and keep stakeholders informed of a page’s status. Workflows can be instituted at the page, space, or instance level and administrators have full control to edit and customize workflows as they see fit.

Another element of Workflow’s flexibility is its simple scaling. Some organizations might only need a basic editorial workflow, whereas other may require a completely customized workflow comprised of multiple teams, users, triggers, and page states. Whatever the level of complexity, a workflow can be developed to provide validation and control.

Compliance in FDA Environments

For life sciences firms who must operate within FDA guidelines there are additional considerations when it comes to their document approvals and reviews. Normally these firms must be able to provide, at a moment’s notice, complete audit logs of the documentation’s approvals, along with digital signatures. The FDA does not take chances with pharmaceutical technology, and there are severe consequences for those companies that can’t demonstrate compliance with their guidelines. Thankfully, Confleuence and Comala Workflows can combine to create a solution for this issue. Use it to generate an audit log of approvals, complete with digital signatures of the users, providing the FDA the information they need to validate complaince.

Pharmaceutical Leaders Choose Comala Workflows

A large number of pharmaceutical, biomed, and life sciences companies choose Confluence and Comalatech. From Fortune 500’s to plucky start-ups, Comalatech is providing solutions to businesses worldwide, including:

  • Bayer
  • Merck
  • Novartis
  • Eli Lilly
  • Cerner

Here’s how Cerner describes the importance of Comala Workflows to their organization:

“Comala workflows is the backbone to Cerner’s regulatory compliance for several types of controlled documentation. Our usage of the workflows for approved documentation has made the uCern Wiki, powered by Confluence, business critical and pervasive for our clients and associates.” – Todd Stuck, Director of Cerner’s Workforce Enablement Team

Learn More About Workflows

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