There are currently over 3000 apps in the Atlassian Marketplace, including an astounding 800-plus for Confluence. While Comala Workflows is used in thousands of instances around the world, we know there are other apps in the ecosystem that drive value for users, and this is especially true for large enterprise users whose complex needs often require the use of multiple apps. That’s why Comalatech has taken steps to ensure that Workflows integrates with some of the most popular ones.

K15t’s Scroll Versions

Hands-down the most popular versioning app on the Marketplace, K15t’s Scroll Versions is used in over a thousand instances to plan, author, manage, and release documentation directly from Confluence, and keep pace with feature-rich, fast-changing products. It makes sense then why Comala Workflows and Scroll Versions are integrated – both are crucial for users needing to control their documentation. This exciting partnership unites two key functions Confluence, powerful workflows inside of complex versioned content projects. A simple app, available now as a free download, is all you need to take total control of your versioned Confluence Spaces.

Communardo’s Metadata

For many large users, the functionality added to Confluence offered by Communardo’s Metadata app is indispensable. The product unlocks data within Confluence to allow apps and users to utilize it in intriguing ways. The integration with Comala Workflows lets the Metadata add-on act as a value reference supplier for workflows. An example of this integration in action would be utilizing a predefined metadata field for who’s allowed to review and approve of new content, used in Workflows as value reference. This is critical for large users, who often require metadata within their complex workflows.

The ability to utilize metadata in building workflows gives space administrators a flexible tool for customizing the approval process of their pages. Users familiar with the Comalatech markup language find working with metadata easy to incorporate into their workflows.

Service Rocket’s Reporting

Enterprise customers, especially those in compliance environments like FDA or ISO, need good reporting tools. While Confluence does offer this functionality, the needs of large users are often specialized, and therefore hundreds of them turn to Service Rocket’s Reporting app. The app adds the ability to create completely customized reports, and, when integrated with Workflows, our own review and approval data can be included in those custom reports.

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