Cerner is a trendsetter in America’s healthcare industry and one of Forbes’ Top 50 most innovative companies. They are also one of Comalatech’s largest and longest standing customers, having implemented Confluence with Comala Document Management in 2012. Cerner has a massive collection of more than 100,000 “controlled documents” across 2000 spaces, accessed daily by some 128,000 users and clients.

These documents include employee instructions, reference pages, help articles, and company policies, among other critical pieces of content. The process for creating and maintaining these documents has to comply with a myriad of regulatory agencies. To manage all this documentation they use a collection of Comala Document Management workflows for content approval based around a four-step approval process and two-step obsoleting process. These workflows not only keep Cerner in compliance with government regulations, but also ensure that the health of their customers is kept at the highest priority.