Comalatech is excited to announce the release of a major update to Comala Document Control for Confluence Cloud. As of today, teams can now use a visual Workflows Builder to fully customize their approval workflows. With this release, we’re giving Cloud users the custom workflows that our Server and Data Center customers can’t live without.

Approval workflows are the core of our Comalatech Document Management Family of Apps, including Comala Document Control for Cloud. They allow you to add approvals and reviews to your Confluence pages, assign team members to complete tasks and validate content, and transition your page between states like draft and published. With the ability to automate these processes and add expiry dates to your pages, workflows are a powerful tool to manage the life cycle of your documentation. 

Until now, Comala Document Control for Cloud gave users three pre-made workflows, based on our customers’ most common use cases. With the new builder, the options to design your own documentation approval processes are wide open. Edit workflows in our intuitive WYSIWYG editor to create and name your own states, set transitions, and create automatic notifications. Users who are familiar with java-script can also make changes to the workflow via a JSON editor. And don’t worry, all your other favorite functionality is there as well, like a full reporting history of approval workflow activity. 

As Atlassian moves forward with its bold vision for the Cloud, Comalatech is committed to supporting our customers on that journey. Our team was hoping to share this big news at the Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas, and while we were excited to join in the conversation at Remote Summit, we didn’t want to wait until 2021 to release this important update to our flagship Cloud app.

Comala Document Control for Cloud now gives you the power to design workflows that match the needs of your organization and control the way you work with your documentation. Visit the Atlassian Marketplace to try a free 30 day evaluation.

Learn to Build Workflows in Our LIVE Webinar

Got questions? We’re hosting a live webinar for Comala Document Control Cloud, this Wednesday 8th at 6:00 am PST. Register today to see the new builder in action and talk with our experts.