Comalatech Webinars

Comalatech offers several webinars designed to help teams improve their document management. Check out our Documentation Control webinar to learn best practices and proven strategies for creating an effective, compliant document repository. Maybe you want to learn more about our flagship app, Comala Workflows? Join a Comalatech team member as they demonstrate the app in a live Confluence environment, and explain how teams use Workflows for document management.

Live Comala Workflows Webinar

Comalatech offers regularly scheduled live webinars. These 30-minute sessions walk you through the basics of Comala Workflows, including demonstrating common use cases and essential functionality. We even touch on compliance topics, important for teams operating under ISO standards, or FDA guidelines. At the end of the webinar you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you have.

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Recorded Comala Workflows Webinar

Want to see the webinar right away? We have a recorded version you can watch whenever it’s convenient. After you’re done, feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have.

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“Navigating the Path to Document Control” Webinar

In teams where compliance and regulation matters, there are no shortcuts to managing and controlling documents. This webinar recording is all about putting teams on the right path to building great documentation. The road to meeting compliance standards (like those required by the ISO, or FDA) requires an effective plan that maps out every turn in the lifecycle of your documents – take the first step of that plan by viewing this webinar.

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Guest Webinars

Our friends in the Atlassian Ecosystem have invited us to take part in a number of their webinars over the years. 


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