Confluence is a great tool for collaborating with your team, but it can also do double duty as a website for external audiences. By giving anonymous access to a space you can create content and share it as a public knowledge base, wiki or manual, all on the same platform.

At Comalatech, we use this feature for our own wiki, and we’ve written about how Central Valley Robotics, an NPO that runs robotics programs for students, publishes their manuals and event info using Confluence.

The feature works in all three deployments and it takes just a few minutes to set up. Here’s how to create a space with anonymous access in Confluence Cloud:

  1. Create the space that you want to make public
  2. Go to Global Permissions → Edit Permissions → under Anonymous Access turn on the “Use Confluence” option
  3. Go to Space Permissions → find the space you want to make public and select “Manage Permissions” → Edit Permissions → under Anonymous Access click the check mark under “View”

And that’s it! Your space is now visible to the public.

For some users, just having a public Confluence space will be useful enough. But with the help of a few apps from the Marketplace, you can turn your public space into a fully-functioning website.

  • Refined is an app that lets you redesign your Confluence content into branded site. (It’s what we use for our wiki.)
  • Comala Publishing lets you easily publish content from one space to another. This means you can develop your content in a draft space, and then publish it to your public knowledge base with a click – no need to copy/paste all your pages.
  • Comala Document Management pairs with Comala Publishing so you can publish your content automatically as part of an approval workflow.

Want to see it in action? Watch our recent tutorial video on how to publish Confluence Cloud documents to an external audience: