Our People

Our People

  • ROBERTO Dominguez El Presidente
    Roberto is Comalatech's El Presidente. He's been the driving force and creative mind behind Comalatech since it was founded in 2005. He has a degree in Computer Systems Engineering, and over 25 years of product development experience, but what really makes this guy bloody amazing is that he comes up with so many wonderful-crazy ideas and burns with a passionate enthusiasm for the industry, all while staying so level-headed. A close rival to his passion for creative ideas is his obsession with Barça, music, photography, and reading depressing books. Roberto lives and works out of Vancouver, but heads to Spain every chance he gets.
  • David Bonilla CEO
    The man tasked with keeping Comalatech at the forefront of the industry, David utilizes a wealth of programming and management experience to help our team meet the challenges of a modern workplace. From his home in Madrid, Spain, he oversees our entire global operation, while still finding time to build relationships with others inside the Atlassian ecosystem.

    If you want to learn more about David you have to catch him first. This world traveler not only hops from country to country, he is also an avid runner, so he's just as likely to be running a marathon as he is to be planning our sprints.
    Shannon Krebs, our CTO, shines in the managing of application development and operations. Since 2005, he's been hard at work using his spiffy degree in Software Engineering to extend the Atlassian product line. The rest of his skills (and undeniable style) are needed to corral all of Robert's crazy ideas—truly a full time job. Shannon calls Brisbane, Australia home, and is forced to suffer the gorgeous weather and sun soaked beaches of East Australia with his wonderful young family. Poor guy.
    Miguel, our Customer Experience Manager, solves problems, offers solutions, and acts as the voice of Comalatech customers. Armed with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, over 10 years experience in software development, and heaps of technical knowhow, he's a master at communicating with, and bridging the gap between, technical and non-technical people. When he's not tag-teaming with Shannon to drive Roberto completely bonkers, he can be found at home in Vancouver, Canada, staying up to date on the newest science discoveries, with the occasional indulgence in the latest science fiction.
    Simon is Comalatech's Business Development Manager and the "Goodwill Ambassador" to the Atlassian Experts Community. With a solid background in pre and post sales support, product training, implementation and product management, and an entire career spent in the software industry, Simon keeps things humming through his skillful direction of marketing, events, and development strategy. When he's not spending time with his wife and two young children in Vancouver, Canada, you might find him with his nose in a book, or doing a bit of online gaming.
    With a Ph.D. and a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, some call him "doctor"; we call him "the man with the plan." As Comalatech's Product Manager, Gorka uses his extensive academic experience and knowedge of web information systems, wikis and product development to research and visualize new markets, products and opportunities. He's based in Vitoria, Spain, and has a great affection for his wife, cooking, martial arts, beer, and cats. If there's one person who can combine all those things into something awesome, it's Gorka. Who's up for a drunken wing-tsun cat food cook-off?
    Our UX Guru Michael has a degree in Software Development, and over 10 years experience in E-learning, ERP and eCommerce application development. But what makes Michael excel in user experience and design is his passion for the creation, design and development of great ideas. When he's not putting his magic touch on Comalatech's UI, you'll find him in Barcelona, Spain, taking care of Ari, walking Maverick, or pursuing his other passions for football, photography, music, cars, and cinema.
    Sergio is our gatekeeper, responsible for the testing and deployment of all Comalatech products. As Release Engineer, nothing makes it to market until it's been thoroughly scrutinized under his watchful eye. And with good reason: with oodles of experience in application development, and a degree in Computer Systems Engineering, he offers a valuable client-side perspective and has the knowledge and attention to detail to ensure our work meets the highest of standards. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Sergio loves spending quality time with his family, reading a good book, and enjoying the outdoors.
    In his capacity as Support Engineer, Daryl brings a human element to all his client engagements, and helps others get the most from the entire Comalatech product line. He's great at what he does, using over 8 years of experience in software support, client deployment, implementation, training, workflow analysis and consultation to connect with our customers. When Daryl isn't working, he's busy with his young family in Richmond, Canada, or binge watching late night TV.
    As Director, Martin advises on, and contributes to, Comalatech's product definition and marketing strategy. He holds an MBA and a M.Sc. B.Sc. in Computing Science, and uses his background in systems integration, consultation, knowledge management and collaboration to take our work to the next level. Martin kicks back in Toronto, Canada, belts out ballads in a rock choir, and seeks out new culinary delights as a born-again foodie.
    Having joined Comalatech in 2015, Naiara is an important member of our development team. With 10 years of experience as a web developer in ERP / CRM, eCommerce and Communication, she enjoys dealing with the quirks of browsers and thinking of ways to make software more friendly.

    A frustrated illustrator, her hobbies include comics, animation, video games, and sci-fi TV shows. She loves Barcelona and Japan, but rarely departs from the "unique setting" of her native Donostia, where she lives with her husband and their two cats. She is also our resident GIF master, a job nearly as important as her development role.
  • Angel Ruiz Software Engineer
    After more than 13 years in the IT service industry and the last 8 living and enjoying Australia, Angel started with Comalatech at the end of 2015, and he will be moving back to Spain soon to join the “GMT+1 Time Zone” team. Most of his career has been developed around the JVM ecosystem, specializing in the web development space. He is always looking for new ways and technologies that allow him to work more effectively so he has time to enjoy his family and hobbies. Before joining Comalatech, he was hoping his next career move would allow him to get into product development surrounded with a team of great and passionate professionals to learn from and contribute to. Looks like he found it ...
  • Iñigo González Software Engineer
    During his career in software development, Iñigo has worked on bringing a wide range of products to the Cloud, from health devices to robots. A lover of technology and challenges, you'll always find him learning something new or developing his latest idea to prove that he can do it.

    A sports enthusiast, Iñigo eagerly awaits the Winter snowboarding season, and is also an avid biker. As an engineer however, his bikes spend more time in pieces as he looks for new and interesting ways to improve them.
    Juan's single greatest passion is product development and, as one of Comalatech's Senior Software Engineers, he likes to get involved with just about any code he can get his hands on. With a history in the robotics industry, ERP development, DMS, Internet of Things and Smart City products, and a degree in Information Technology, he uses over 15 years of experience in software development and management to make Comalatech products the best they can be. Working out of Colindres—a small village nestled between beaches and mountains in Cantabria, Spain—he's a sports enthusiast, a former Kung Fu black belt, and most recently, a proud father of two.
  • Pablo Gallego Software Engineer
    Pablo, one of our youngest team members, hails from Vitoria-Gasteiz Spain. He earned a Masters degree in Web Technology in Southampton (UK) to complete his Software Engineering education. After graduating he decided to return to Spain, where he was hired by Comalatech. As a Padawan on the team he has taken his first steps into a larger world, and we will watch his career with great interest.

    Pablo's passions are History, Physics, strategy video games and travelling. If you meet him at an event, feel free to tell him about your idea for a time-travelling physics-based strategy game.
  • Mike Rink Product Evangelist
    The Product Evangelist's role at Comalatech is straightforward - take our amazing products and make sure the market knows about them. Mike utilizes over a decade of marketing experience to spread our message far and wide, and the fact you're reading this is probably a sign that he's doing his job.

    Outside of work Mike is kept busy by his wife and three kids, helping around the house and coaching two soccer teams. In the summer you'll find him roaming the wilds of British Columbia searching for old ghost towns; no Pedro Páramo sightings yet.
  • Goriana Ivanova Support Engineer
    As one of our Support Engineers, Goriana is responsible for problem-solving user issues while helping them understand and use our add-ons. It's a critical role on our team, so it's a good thing she has over 10 years of experience in technology and support to go along with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Systems Technology.

    A Canadian resident by way of Bulgaria, Goriana lives just outside of Vancouver with her family. In her spare time she gets away from technology altogether and enjoys Bulgarian folk dancing and folk music.
  • Arturo Mendez Digital Media Specialist
    Arturo is a multi-talented creative artist in charge of breathing life into the story of Comalatech and how our products improve collaboration around the globe. After a decade in the audiovisual industry, from working on TV and independent films to developing branding materials, he is a master of merging design, filmmaking, and storytelling to communicate a remarkable message.

    His passions include photography, film-festivals, exploring nature and as a frustrated musician he loves to talk about music, bands, and concerts. Away from work, you can find Arturo letting Vancouver be a muse for his photo series or future scripts.