Au Revoir Paris, and Merci Atlassian!



February 9Get Creative with the Latest Release of Comala Workflows

Comala Workflows

We just released version 5.1 of Comala Workflows, and with it comes two much-requested enhancements - now you can customize the colours of your states, and you can use your own labels on the approval buttons. This will help users extend their page themes to Workflows and use labels more appropriate to their team, but it also has uses within compliance environments.

February 6Comalatech is headed to France for the Atlassian Team Tour


In less than a week Comalatech will be landing in Paris to sponsor the Atlassian Team Tour. Join us there to learn how to improve your team's collaboration in Confluence, while maintaining control over the review and approval of your documents.

February 1Rank by Risk and Priority with Comala Agile Ranking

Comala Agile Ranking

Comala Agile Ranking's latest release opens up new possibilities for the app, as now users can choose to rank their issues on three separate perspectives.