At Comalatech, we want our clients to have the best possible experience with our products. Therefore, it's important that customers fully understand how to use our tools efficiently, so users can focus on getting work done and not on navigating software applications. To help with this, we offer End User and Admin-level training that gets teams up to speed in no time.

Training Options

Choose from our in depth “Getting More from Comala Workflows” course, or enquire about more customized training tailored to your exact needs.

Getting More from Comala Workflows

A comprehensive guide to setting up, configuring and administering Comala Workflows for Confluence, as well as building and maintaining your own custom workflows. Learn More.

Custom Workflows Training

Do you have specific Workflows training requirements not met in our Getting More course? Our modularized training has been designed to fit around the needs of our clients, allowing us to create a tailor-made training experience for your users and staff. Contact Us to discuss your training requirements, and we’ll take care of the rest.